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Learn Addigy skills with Europe’s largest Apple Authorised Training Provider.

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Influential Software is the exclusive provider of Addigy training in the UK.

By the end of the official Addigy training course you’ll be certified in enterprise-grade Apple management.

You’ll gain the advanced skills you need to succeed. Afterwards, you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge with the Addigy Certified Expert (ACE) qualification.

With courses either at our London classroom or on your premises anywhere in the UK, it’s never been easier to train.

Learn Addigy with us and bring these advantages to your employer:

  • increased security
  • maximum reliability
  • optimised productivity
Trainers for Addigy training courses

Now when I’m back at my company they can say

they’ve got an ACE certified bloke on board.

—George Wayman, Synergy Associates

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Addigy Certified Expert Training Course


London (classroom), UK-wide (private)




2 days


London (classroom), UK-wide (private)




2 days

The Addigy Certified Expert (ACE) Course provides complete training in Addigy Apple device management (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS). Starting from the basics, the course will carry delegates to an advanced level of expertise.

On the final day of training, students will take a two-hour multiple-choice exam, which can be retaken. The ACE certification expires two years after the exam is passed.

Duration: 2 days

Location: London (public) or UK-wide (private)

Price: $1,500

By the end of this course, you will be familiar with:

  • Addigy platform navigation
  • Device and user enrollment methods and tools
  • Device management workflows, configurations and best practices
  • Apple ecosystem terminology and programs
  • Automation, basic scripting and remediation strategies
  • Working with the Apple and Addigy community

Introduction to Addigy and Addigy Device Management at a Glance

Explore Addigy company overview, platform navigation and instructions on how to create users and update account settings. Leveraging and contribut- ing to the Addigy Community. Apple, Addigy and ecosystem terminology and acronyms.

Enrolling Apple Devices in Addigy

Understand the Addigy device enrollment process and Apple enrollment methods – including Apple User Approved MDM requirements, Apple Auto- mated Device Enrollment (previously DEP) through Apple Business Man- ager/Apple School Manager, Apple Supervised Mode, implications of Device Supervision and related Apple and Addigy workflows allowed via Addigy’s agent and MDM. (LAB)

Building Scalable Policies & Assessing Device States

Define device states, create policies, policy inheritance, policy catalog, and best practices of policy layouts. Enforcement of MDM configuration profiles. (LAB)

GoLive and Devices at a Glance

Understand how to quickly find information for individual devices. Create views and use filters for better insight into managed Apple devices. Explore how to use the Scripts section on the Devices page. Understand the tools available in GoLive and Remote Control integrations

Defining Device States, Software Deployment and Patching

Configure installs of custom software packages and public software from the Addigy policy catalog. (LAB)

Deploying App Store content with Apps & Books (previously VPP)

Explore how to configure Apple Apps & Books integration with Addigy, how to deploy App Store apps via Addigy policies, and viewing Apple Apps & Books assets in Addigy.

Defining Device States with MDM Configuration

Learn about Addigy’s Apple MDM configurations, custom MDM profiles, Apple privacy controls, requirements and limitations.

Monitoring Device Compliance with Alerts and Remediation

Review Addigy Facts and Alerts, creating & customizing Monitoring items, resolving & remediating Alerts, and optional ticketing integration with alerts.

Advanced Software Deployment, Custom Facts, and Scripts

Understand best practices and a deeper discussion on condition scripting in Custom Software, removal scripting in Custom Software, building Custom Facts, and remediation scripting within Addigy Alerts.


  • ACE Training Guide
  • Addigy Getting Started Guide

Although there are no firm prerequisites for this course, it’s recommended that delegates have:

  • iOS and macOS familiarity
  • basic iOS device and Mac computer navigation skills

Are you keen to know more about the course? Click below for a pdf of the full topics.

Classroom Training

Join a public class at our Addigy training centre in central London.

On-Site Training

Train anywhere in the UK with all-included training at your site.

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Why Influential Software?

Influential Software is Europe’s top Apple training provider, under the name Amsys Training by Influential.

That Apple expertise is also why we’re the only authorised Addigy training partner in the UK.

You can rely on the fact that all our trainers have years of experience as Apple technicians and administrators.

So beyond their training certifications, our Addigy trainers are also full of practical wisdom.

Why train with Influential Software?

We're not just the UK's only Addigy Training Provider — we're also Europe's biggest Apple training provider. Our trainers have years of experience as Apple Technicians and Administrators, making them a trustworthy source of knowledge. Beyond the training certifications, our Addigy trainers are full of practical wisdom that is superior to academic learning.