Addigy Training by Influential Software

Official Addigy training for control of the Apple ecosystem.

Learn Addigy skills to benefit your end-users and your IT team.

Influential Software is an authorised Addigy training partner in the UK.

With plenty of challenge-centric scenarios to solve, our Addigy training is practical and hands-on.

At the end of this Addigy training course you’ll be equipped for enterprise-grade Apple management.

Learn Addigy with us to:

  • increase security
  • ensure reliability
  • optimise productivity

Addigy Training Course

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Jamf Pro Training | Jamf 200 Course

Jamf 200 Courses

This course in Jamf Pro gives enterprise-grade knowledge of macOS and iOS platforms.

Why Influential Software?


Influential Software is the UK’s sole Jamf Training Partner. That means Jamf recognises us as their trusted training provider.

Besides their training certifications, all our trainers have years of real-world Apple experience. They’re full of practical advice that will enhance your career.

Jamf Pro training isn’t all we offer in the Apple space. Influential Software is the UK’s largest Apple Authorised Training Provider, delivering certified training to over 12,000 Apple technicians.

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